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Planet Reconstruction and Replication Project (PRRP) and development

posted Sep 15, 2013 03:42:56 by BobLead
It is time, hello tis I J speaking as leader of barcarnia. my people are suffering due to the fact that barcarnia is the only country that is left of the whole planet. relief effort from BOBLEAD is proving to be most successful but will not be able to undo the destruction of the planet alone. heres where all of you come in. I request that you all start believing in the planets existence. due to the fact that the KCA does not currently exist BOBLEAD has used it to its advantage to take the "Wish Pill" weapon to a new level besides little micro-bots that atomically assemble what you want into existence, to a more unrealistic item that creates your beliefs. doing this will most indefinitely be able to restore the entire planet Kraine in its entirety.
reach for the future
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