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The News Page

posted Jun 05, 2011 00:15:47 by Sputnik
As you can see, there is now a News page. Go to it!
"In Concordia,
you will find,
BOMBS of every,
shape and kind!"

Your evil overlord, Sputnik.

Oh, and check those stock prices again. They may have changed in our favor this time.
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IRON-VANGUARD said Jul 03, 2011 21:47:48
hello welcome to space and news this just in the vanguard confederacy has started a new project the are going to start a world that is artificial and is shaped like a ring also a team of scientists discovered a asteroid shaped like a pyermid
I am a lone mercenary on the run from red dagger bounty hunters the reason is because of a rich leader wants me dead and why you ask because i am the Destroyer i am the man that lead vanguardion cross bone clan new vanguardion.
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